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EFM Dampers,Expansion Joints

Effox-Flextor-Mader is the international leader in the design and manufacture of dampers and expansion joints.

Effox-Flextor-Mader (EFM) is the international leader in the design and manufacture of  dampers and expansion joints for use in flue gas and process air handling systems.  Our team includes a skilled staff of engineers, designers, fabricators, and field service personnel to ensure the highest quality engineered-to-order products.

Around the globe, our dampers and expansion joints are being used in systems that clean polluting emissions and contribute to reducing greenhouse gases. We are known for our commitment to quality. We offer engineered-to-order solutions that meet the most demanding specifications for the world’s most stringent customers.

Quality Products

  • Dampers and Expansion Joints
  • Engineered-to-order products
  • High value; low total cost
  • Portfolio of products for full system integration

Extensive Capacity

  • 145,000 SQFT (13,475 SQM ) captive shops in the USA
  • Experienced global fabrication partners


  • On time deliveries
  • Practical installation and maintenance manuals
  • Global start-up technicians
  • Spare parts and service support
  • Turnkey installation available

Experienced Professionals

  • Decades of industry expertise
  • Reliable products
  • High customer satisfaction ratings
  • Knowledgeable Local Sales Representatives



EFM: A World Leader


For the last four decades, the Effox-Flextor-Mader brand has become a world leader in the innovation and creation of state-of-the-art, adaptable fuel combustion and exhaust equipment. To face the high temperatures and harsh environments found in solid fuel combustion, it is absolutely crucial that you have access to equipment that is reliable, durable, and safe. Around the world, Effox-Flextor-Mader dampers and expansion joints give companies the hardware they need to curb greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that are destructive to our air and threaten our wellbeing. We work hard to contribute a strong and healthy environment.

Effox-Flextor-Mader brand a global leader in the industry for decades. Safe, durable, and reliable equipment is absolutely essential when facing the extreme temperatures and harsh environment of solid fuel combustion.

As you work to control emissions, you can trust we are working just as hard for your company. Protecting the environment is a commitment for Effox-Flextor-Mader that is matched only by our commitment to building quality equipment for our clients. From start to finish, we craft and install products that are unparalleled in value and reliability and can comply with the strictest regulations in the industry. When you need a custom, specific solution for emissions, we can meet your needs. Our staff of engineers includes some of the industry’s best, and they are eager to help you find the ideal solution for your company. When you choose Effox-Flextor-Mader, you are choosing a product for life.





With over 35 years of experience, Effox-Flextor-Mader offers time tested robust dampers to achieve a 20+ year low maintenance design life. Constructed with carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy, and/or corrosion resistant  materials our dampers are capable of withstanding  temperatures up to 1800°F (982°C) and the most  chemically punishing environments. Our engineering and  design team is involved with every project to ensure the  structural and dynamic integrity of our products.


Expansion Joints

Effox-Flextor-Mader is the recognized leader in providing  non-metallic expansion joints to the utility and industrial  markets around the world. With custom engineered  designs for each application, Effox-Flextor-Mader has  provided reliable flexible solutions for service from -40°F  to 2100°F (-40°C to 1149°C). Our EFLEX™ expansion joints  reflect the highest engineering standards and professional workmanship in the power generation and heavy industrial  market. The Effox-Flextor-Mader team provides customer  service and technical support from project inception to completion.


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