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EFM Guillotine / Slide Gate Dampers

Effox-Flextor-Mader (EFM) manufactures heavy-duty low-leak slide gate and zero-leak Slide Gate Dampers to provide isolation for flue gas and air systems. Slide gates, also referred to as Guillotine Dampers, are required to isolate systems for maintenance or for bypass purposes.

EFM has supplied slide gate dampers in the largest ducting systems in the industry. We have supplied gates with duct openings of 25 feet (7.6 m) wide and 35 feet (10.7 m) tall.

Our zero leak guillotine dampers can be pressure and temperature tested in our facilities to verify leakage at system design conditions.

Guillotine / Slide Gate Dampers

Guillotine dampers can be found in some of the most demanding environments such as high dust loading zones in cement plants, highly corrosive environments in coal fired power plants and high temperature and high velocity gas turbine systems.


Zero-Leak design

  • Allows for complete isolation of the flue duct
  • Seal air fan provides 200% safety factor with fans and a minimum of +3 inches w.g. (7.5 mbar) above system pressure

Low-Leak design

  • For use in negative pressure systems or where small flue gas pass through may be tolerated
  • Blade guides and angle seats provide an economical alternative for low leak applications

Heavy-duty Engineered Blades and Housing

Careful selection of blade and housing materials to meet the specific needs of your application will provide maximal resistance to heat stresses, corrosion, metal fatigue and distortion. Flextor has proven reliable designs in some of the most demanding thermal environments such as the Gas Turbine outlet, and high corrosion environments such as coal fired power plants.


Sealing design

Our High-Flex seats offer very tight shut-off, as much as 99.9 percent of flow, without the use of seal air fans. For critical applications, Flextor has proven designs which use seal air fans, fully enclosed bonnets and pressurized seals. Total isolation on even very high temperature applications can be achieved.


Modular design

All EFM guillotine dampers are designed to be shipped in compact modules. Depending on size, one- piece, two-piece and three-piece designs are used so that minimal field assembly is required prior to start-up. All our dampers are fully assembled and tested in our facility, and then dis-assembled for shipment.


Optional designs and features

  • Drive system:
    • Chain and sprocket drive system with proprietary EFM sprocket design
    • Rack and pinion drive system
    • Linear drive system
  • Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual actuation
  • Bottom chamber with clean out ports allows blade  to cut through particulate obstructions in the duct
  • Mullion seals coupled with re-entry seals provide  complete removal of blade from the gas stream
  • Metallic leaf seal and retainer design achieves tight shutoff and ease of maintenance

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