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EFM Louver Dampers

Effox-Flextor-Mader (EFM) offers several styles of Louver Dampers to meet your  application and system specifications.

Our Louver Dampers are offered with a parallel blade or  opposed blade design. Parallel louvers are primarily used  for system isolation. EFM parallel blade  louvers are used around the world in applications for  bypass capability and tight shut off for the process & utility  industries.

Louver Dampers

The EFM opposed blade louver offers the ability to accurately modulate and control flow over a design range. The opposed blade design helps to create a  more uniform flow across the damper.


Louver design features

  • Bolted dual airfoil design to minimize deflection and warping of blades
  • Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual actuation
  • Outboard bearings to prevent flue gas exposure and allow for ambient cooling.
  • Bearings are permanently sealed and lubricated to eliminate maintenance
  • Bolted packing gland assembly at damper shafts for ease of maintenance
  • Blade to blade, top & bottom, and jamb seals are available to minimize leakage to less than 1% of flow volume

Double louvers

  • Two banks of blades. The area between the banks of blades is pressurized with seal air to achieve zero leakage
  • Options for in-sync actuation or independent actuation of banks of blades when control is needed
  • “Belt and Suspenders” approach

Tandem louvers

  • One bank of blades with open space in- between blade assemblies. When in the closed position the open space between the blades is pressurized to achieve zero leakage
  • Offers a lower cost alternative and smaller footprint to the double louver

Zero-Leak design

Along with our standard dual bolted airfoil design, EFM offers two damper models with a zero-leakage design.

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