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EFM Diverter Dampers,Stack Isolation Dampers

Effox-Flextor-Mader (EFM) has extensive experience in the design and supply of toggle and pivot style Diverter Dampers for HRSG, waste heat recovery, gas turbine, and other systems that require diversion of the gas stream. We have designed and installed diverter dampers in systems ranging from small engine units to the largest turbines in the world such as the GE Frame 7 FA & 9 FA.

Diverter Dampers

Additionally, EFM can supply a variety of diverter arrangements including louvers, butterfly/wafers and slide gate/guillotines. Leakage options range from low leak to zero leak, and man safe with the use of a blanking plate. We can engineer the best arrangement for your leakage, pressure drop, operational needs, and safety requirements.


Diverter Pairing

EFM can pair any of our diverter designs with stacks, silencers, expansion joints, structural supports, and/or ladders and platforms to supply a turn-key diverter solution custom designed for your application.



Our louver style Diverter Damper offers cost-effective fine-tuned flow control where higher pressure drop is acceptable.

Stack Isolation Dampers

Effox-Flextor-Mader (EFM) offers a wide range of options for Stack Isolation Dampers. Whether the installation is for large diameter or rectangular stacks, our blade configurations are designed to meet the needs for your application.

  • Linkage and counterweight arrangements assist in preventing pressure from building in system
  • Integrated gutter design redirects precipitation to the outside of the stack in the closed position

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