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Effox-Flextor-Mader (EFM) has installed Butterfly Dampers from 12 inches (305 mm) in diameter to greater than 144 inches (3658 mm) in diameter. Our Butterfly Dampers can be found in some of the harshest environments where abrasion, corrosion and dust loading are prevalent.

  • Seal options include tadpole seal, bar stop, or elastomeric seals
  • Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual actuation
  • Can be used for modulation or open/close applications
  • Internal refractory/ceramic wool linings available for high temperature applications

Butterfly Dampers

Butterfly dampers are not as precise as louver dampers for flow control but can be used for modulation when precision is not critical. For more precise flow control applications, opposed multi-blade circular louver dampers should be used.

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Drive Options

EFM has a wide range of drive options from simple shaft mounted pneumatic actuation, to heavy-duty electric and hydraulic actuation with fail safe configurations.


Seat Configurations

Depending on the application, seat configuration can play a major role in the reliability of any damper. Our tadpole composite seats offer very tight shut- off, as much as 99.9 percent of flow, without the use of seal air fans. EFM offers many configurations to meet your application. Blow-off configurations are also available for high dust-loading environments.


Bearing Options

Bearing options for smooth operation Bearings make the difference. Our dampers are designed with bearings that meet the challenges of the operation, yielding high levels of efficiency and reliability. Self-aligning maintenance free roller bearings and sleeve bearings can be used to meet your project needs.

Zero-leakage stuffing boxes

EFM offers a unique “zero- leakage” stuffing box which ensures no leakage to atmosphere through the damper shaft. Machined coupling glands and compression glands are also available.


Heavy-duty Engineered Blades and Housing

EFM butterfly dampers are available with simple blades, structural blades, thermally compensating blades, and profiled blades. For applications where heat retention is necessary, blades can be insulated.


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